Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Black Friday customs reveal

 hey there folks, so the big black friday sale i had went pretty good. here are the final pieces for the 10 lucky people to sign up and get a quality custom at an affordable price! enjoy.......................................................

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Sale!

hello all, with money being tight, ive decided to do something about it. im gonna offer 3inch custom dunnys for 50 bucks friday only. these will be random designs but of the highest quality i can offer, no skimping out on details here, wires, teeth, guts, brains everything, just follow the link to my facebook to sign up, thanks

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nerviswr3k "Synthec Probes Wave 1: the intrusion officially for sale!!!

out now, 12 different custom sculpts over the dunny figure. get one today for 100 dollars. each one comes with 2 sketches and a sticker, plus one lucky customer will pull the elusive silver relic which hides in one of the packages which are blindboxed and sealed for security, which wins that person a free full size 8inch custom!! good luck and thanks for your support.
, email me at grivas78@cox.net
paypal address....ana79rivas@yahoo.com

 mystery silver relic.....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Nerviswr3k "Synthec Probes Wave 1: the intrusion drop 11.05.11

taking preorders of these custom dunny series. they are going fast so act now. sign up thru my email, grivas78@cox.net.
hey folks, update time. so ive finally finished the packaging and artwork. also i wanted to mention that the packaging had to be redesigned since blindbags wont work. it would put the dunnys at risk of breaking so i found some nice fitting boxes that were perfect. i originally was going to have my son gavin who is 13 to do the header artwork but instead i had him do a series of drawings based on this series and did he deliver! i also incluided a drawing as well plus a handmade sticker at your disposal. the box is handpainted which give it a disstressed look. a bonus for you lucky customers, i hid a a bonus figure handpainted in silver paint which entitles you to a 8inch custom munny! so good luck to you all. these dunnys are up for sale starting this saturday 11.05.11 at 12am mountain time. these are priced at $100. sign up list now open. email me @ grivas78@cox.net to get on the preorder list as these will be sold blindly on a first come first serve basis. these are twelve custom three inch dunnys,they are also numbered 1 thru 12. titled "synthec probes wave 1: the intrusion" any questions contact me at grivas78@cox.net. here are some pics of the final product..... im getting goosebumps!!

         Sketches done by my son, Gavin. hes 13 aqnd an aspiring artist.

                                               the elusive silver figure.......