Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Munny Giveaways

I recently had a contest set up to see who would interpret my customs in 2d form.The winner would win a custom 7 inch munny for free! The rule was to draw one of my customs in my flickr account on the most unusual object so i was expecting someone drawing on an Ipod, lunchbox or maybe even a shirt.......boy was i way off. I got a pretty good amount of entries but there was one that just stood out and made me say"WTF"! A KidRobot forum member by the name of LuckyOrangeRat went all out and tattoed my shit on his leg!! That was the most insane thing i ever saw for the fact that my art was on someone's skin meaning"permanent".
The other 2 participants drew up some dope shit too, erik Jorgensen made a custom 10 dollar bill with a custom of mine that made me think of what the Amero would look like if i was president!Last but not least, my friend by the name MacIX did a sweet painting of my BadApple Custom, dope! I just want to thank you guys for the participation and the customs are gonna be shipped around the 20th of August, a little late but better late than never!
Here is a link to the Forum thread.

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