Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nerviswr3k/ Jay222 @ Munny Grubbers Show

So the Munny Grubbers Show has come and gone folks and dammit am i glad! This was the most stressfull project that i've been a part of, but well worth the effort! When I saw these customs that were being sent in all i could do is drool over the amount of skills that each and everyone of the artists showed on these pieces! Big thanks go out to Jay222 and company for making the trip all the way from San Fransisco, just to be part of the show. We both entered a collaboration piece for the Munny Grubbers Show and was voted second place overall. I was nervous when I first got the piece in the mail cus as you may already know, this guys got some insane sculpting skills and his munny was just too much for me to take in! I had the munny sitting on my desk for about a week trying to figure out what to do with it without fucking him up. Luckily, jay approved of the final outcome when he saw it for the first time at the show. It was blessing to have him ask me to do a collabo cus man, obviously i suck at this shit and my name is well, unheard of. We took 2nd place with this piece as So thanks Jay for everything man. Here are some pics of the final piece that will soon go to RedHotRobot for display! Please enjoy.

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